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Our Florida Drug And Alcohol Course is specifically designed to be convenient to do.

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  • Study a little or a lot at a time-Since you're in control of when and how you study, you can study when you’re ready and when it’s most convenient. And you decide how long you want to study each time.
  • Work at your own pace Everyone learns differently. That’s why we designed our Florida Drug and Alcohol Test to be extremely flexible. Our short, concise chapters lets you go at your own pace so you never burn out and get bored
  • Learn from our multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter, we have short multiple-choice quizzes that focus on the key elements of the lessons.

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It doesn't get any easier than taking your Drug and Alcohol Course online. Florida TLSAE is required for all first-time drivers - take it when it's most convenient for you. When you take our Florida Drug and Alcohol Test Online Course for New Drivers online, you get to study at your own pace, when and where it's best for you. The course can be taken from any computer with Internet access, so you'll never have to rearrange your schedule in order to complete the course.

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Take the course online and be prepared to pass your Florida Drug and Alcohol Test. Our Drug and Alcohol Class Florida online course is better than a traditional classroom course because you're actively involved in learning the material, instead of passively listening to a lecture. With our course, you'll learn more and remember it better. Classroom Florida Drug and Alcohol Course is boring; we make learning fun!